The Revisionist (hornyhousewife) wrote in lansing,
The Revisionist

I need a place to live.

Hi Lansing! I'm Ben. I just moved back home from a long, painful time in Syracuse NY and I need a place to live!

Why you want me: I am neat, I am tidy, I pay my bills on time, I don't start trouble on the homefront, I won't be hauled off to jail, I am funky and fresh, I like to shake my tuckus to 80s jams.

Why I want you: You have a "dirt cheap"-to-"reasonably priced" room available to move into as soon as possible ($450 and below for rent/water/electricity/internet), you preferably live downtown (somewhere between LCC to Frandor), you are a nerd (music/science/word games/beer/whatever), you have talents to offer society, you are clean and neat and somewhat near my age (24).

I can move in as soon as possible (all my belongings are with me in my van), so... let's talk business.

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