x (babydollstarz) wrote in lansing,

lefthanded BASS & AMP +more

I am selling my left handed 4 string Johnson bass guitar, Reptone 15 watt bass amp, guitar case, guitar strap, cord, and a pick. The bass, amp, and case are barely used and in very good condition. I got it for my birthday one year and never learned how to play. I think it is a JP800, but I'm not sure. The amp has a headphone jack, volume, treble, middle, bass, and presence control. I am moving soon and really need money so I want to try to get at least $200 for all of it but I'm willing to negotiate. I am in the East Lansing area. Can be picked up, dropped off or met somewhere.

Please respond through Craigslist: http://lansing.craigslist.org/msg/456636879.html
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